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Camunda Hack Days 2016 2016 Termination After the success of our last game at BPMCon, my colleagues and I decided to make another game. This time with an arcade machine and light guns (therefore no online version, sorry). Camunda Hack Days 2015 2015 BPMN Quest A game made in two days together with my awesome colleagues from Camunda. It's an RPG that internally uses a Javascript library we developed. Featuring multiple story branches modeled with BPMN. Featured at BPMCon. Ludum Dare 32 entry 2015 The Room Welcome to The Room. In this game, you have to get rid of all the enemies. But you can't just shoot them, you have to find a way to place your remote shooters at appropriate walls. This game is made with HTML5, Javascript and the Canvas element using WebGL. Made in 48 hours during the 32nd Ludum dare competition. 0h game jam 2014 entry 2014 Don't get Wet Try to stay dry. End of storyline. 10 out of 10. Made for the 2014 edition of the zero hour game jam. Global Game Jam 2014 entry 2014 Nut OK Multiplayer Coop Game where information must be communicated between players. Two Players control one character - the Kampfkastanie - but play on two seperate screens. On their way trough a tile-look world on top of a tree of life, various creatures appear and move towards the character. The players then must find out whether it's a good or a harmful creature approaching. Ludum Dare 28 entry 2013 Happiness Happiness is a Third-Person jump and run. Navigate the levels with A and D or the arrow keys. Jump with Space. This game uses WebGL. It works with the latest Google Chrome and Firefox builds. Also make sure you have sound enabled. The game was made in 48 hours during the 28th Ludum Dare competition. Berlin Mini Jam November 2013 entry 2013 Eye can't see My first game made in Unity, made during the Berlin Mini Jam in November 2013. Theme was: Close your eyes. In this game, you can close your eyes with the spacebar and the evil eyes can not see you. Find your way to the exit of the labyrinth. Made in 8 hours. 0h game jam 2013 entry 2013 It's about time! This is my entry for the 3rd zero hour game jam. The game jam takes place every year during the DST hour shift between 2am and 2am. Goal is, to make a game in zero hours! Ludum Dare 26 entry 2013 Friggin Lazors Friggin Lazors is a First-Person puzzle game. Navigate the levels with WASD or the arrow keys. Click on a switch to trigger it. Some switches can only be triggered by boxes or lasers. This game uses the mouse capture feature of HTML5. It works with the latest Google Chrome and Firefox builds (make sure to allow mouse capture / fullscreen mode). In Firefox you have to use the Fullscreen mode in order to play the game. One game a month - March 2013 Muurahainen Our five ants find themselves in a pyramid full of traps. It's your task to guide them savely to the exit. Your only hope is to kick the gravity switch at the right time. One game a month - February 2013 The Dungeon Only equipped with a flashlight you have to find the exit of this dark procedurally generated dungeons. But beware: You are not alone... One game a month - January 2013 Asleep When night dawns, the evil creatures of shadows appear. You are the last hope. You must protect him. PedoSim 2012 PedoSim You are Mr. Pedo and your hobby is to kidnap children. Navigate the levels with WASD or the arrow keys and kidnap children with SPACE. Don't get caught by the Agents. Made with HTML5, Javascript and the Canvas element using webGL. Tested with latest Google Chrome and Firefox on Windows. The current Google Chrome build also supports Gamepads (tested with XBox 360 controler). 0h game jam 2012 entry 2012 Psychobox This is my entry to the second zero hour game jam. Try to click on all the boxes as fast as possible. WARNING: Might give you a headache. Also: Don't play if you have epilepsy. Shards 2012 Shards Shards is a player-mutable HTML5 exploration game. It runs with WebGL and communicates with a Java-Server via WebSockets. You can interact with other players in realtime and also build your own game objects. Ludum Dare 24 entry 2012 Upgrade You are trapped in a cyber-labyrinth and need to get out. Collect DNA to upgrade yourself and finally be able to escape. Use WASD or the arrow keys to move. Space to jump. Made with HTML5, Javascript and the Canvas element using webGL. Ludum Dare 23 entry 2012 The Island of Dare This is my entry for the 23rd Ludum Dare rapid game making competition. Theme was: Tiny World. It's a HTML5/Javascript game which uses the canvas element so make sure your browser is up to date. Works best in chrome. IPad compatible. Elite Swords 2012 Elite Swords This is a game we made for the game programming course at the HPI. Made in C++ with the OSG and wiiuse library. Your are navigating a three dimensional world and can slay enemies using a sword. The sword is controlled by a Wii-mote. Click to download source files (warning: big file). Ludum Dare 22 entry 2011 The Ice Maze This is my entry for the 22nd Ludum Dare rapid game making competition. Theme was: Alone. It's a HTML5/Javascript game. Works best in chrome. IPad compatible. 0h game jam 2011 entry 2011 Remember ME This is my entry to the first zero hour game jam. Remember the position of the Squares. Do not confuse the order! dream Diary 2011 dreamDiary Not a game, but a small piece of software: a dream diary. The problem was, that I had to synchronize my dream diary between my desktop PC and my laptop manually. To make my life easier I wrote this little online application. Additionally it's possible to analyze dreams by assigning tags. Ludum Dare 21 entry 2011 Forever Running My second Ludum Dare competition. Theme was Escape so you have to run from a variety of objects from avalanches to kittens to random boxes. Avoid contact with enemies and run fast enough to reach the end of the level. Follow the green signs! Ludum Dare 20 entry 2011 Ludum - The Magic bird of AWESOME My first serious attempt at making a game and also my first entry for the Ludum Dare game making competition. You are a bird, having a machine gun. So you try to shoot your way through five levels, fighting against stationary guns, footman and also helicopters.
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