Making the world a fluffier place

My Projects

A plushie of my own fursona :3 As usual: Embroidered eyes, very fluffy Minky fur and of course: Wings <3
March 2016
Plushify is a web-application to convert a 3d model into a pattern for a plushie. I use it to make my patterns.
first version released in 2016
DreamDiary is a software I developed to learn lucid dreaming. Stores your dreams and creates statistics.
first version released in 2011
In my previous life, I was an independent game developer. You can find some of the games I made here.
since 2011
Jumpers Tail Fin
Jumper is my friend from PlushLife. Like me he is a plush dragon and this is the story how I made his Tail-Fins <3
August 2016
Blue is the second plushie I have ever made and the first where I tried my hand at making my own pattern.
January 2011
Lugia is the third plushie I made and the first where I used a 3D model to make the pattern. Still one of my favorites <3
July 2011
When I was a little kid, I dreamt of having all the Pokemon as plushies so I could reenact the battles.
January 2012
My first design involved propane and a flame thrower, but I made him cuddly instead. Yay!
February 2012
It's my first attempt to work with actual plush fabric rather than fleece. Have never worked with minky back then.
May 2012
Vaporeon is still one of my all time favorites so I modified the pattern a little bit to make a dragon.
November 2013
I have a thing for aquatic Pokemon. This little fellow measures 90cm from nose to fin.
July 2014
The first plushie I ever made. I have never sewn anything before so I had to learn it from the beginning.
July 2010
Toothless v2
Five years after my very first plushie I decided to re-make the cutest dragon ever and the one who got me into plush making.
March 2015
Many firsts in this plushie: First dinosaur, first time working with minky, first time using an embroidery machine for the eyes.
August 2015
I wanted to try and make a plushie that stands on four feet. I used a completely new pattern and embroidery designs.
September 2015

About Me

Hi, thanks for stopping by <3

I am Fenmar, a plushdragon from Berlin, Germany. And I am on a mission to make the world a fluffier place. Since 2006 a lot of plushies have joined my adventures and in 2010 I learned how to make fluffy friends myself. Since then my collection is steadily growing. You can check out the pages I linked in the Social Media section and find some of the plushies I made.

But to make the world a fluffier place, I cannot just stick to myself. So to bring more joy and plush to the world, I spent my time thinking of ways to make the life of plushies easier or even bring more plushies into this world. One of my main projects for that endeavour is plushify.net. It's a website where you can create a plushie sewing pattern based on a 3d model.

I am continuously trying to get better and make more cute plushies and also extend the functionality of plushify.net as well as my dreamdiary software. If you like what I am doing or want to have a chat, feel free to contact me on one of the social media pages I linked below :3

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At DeviantArt I post the plushies I make. Also make sure to check out my favorites folder, where I collect the most awesome plushies I can find on the site.


My Furaffinity profile basically contains the same posts as my DeviantArt profile. If you comment something on Furaffinity, I will answer, but generally I am more active on DeviantArt.


If you want to get in touch with me personally, I recommend Telegram. Clicking on this link will open the Telegram website where you can add me to your contact list.