Making the World a Fluffier Place

Featured Project


  • Size: 55cm
  • 7 different fur colors
  • Embroidered eyes and markings
  • Using Minky and Fake Fur
  • Pattern consisting of over 40 single pieces
  • Pellets in Feet, Paws and Belly

About Me

Since 2010 I design and make those cuddly, fluffy friends. In all these years I created a lot of plushies with different shapes and sizes. You can check out my Gallery to find some of them.

I also spent a lot of time thinking of ways to make the art of plushie-design and creation easier for everyone. One of my main projects in this endeavour is Plushify. This is a tool which allows you to create a plushie sewing pattern based on a digital 3d model. I also speak at conferences sharing the knowledge I learned over the years.

Please note that my plushies are not for sale and I do not accept commissions nor share my patterns. However, feel free to contact me via Mail or on Twitter to discuss the art of plush-making or life in general.